Cheap Tuition Universities in Cyprus for International Students

In this article, we will discuss about the low tuition universities and schools in Cyprus, the tuition fee structure, cost of living and admission requirements for international students.

Higher education is offered by various higher institutions – including English-speaking public and private universities – at certificate, diploma, bachelor’s and master’s level. Universities welcome international students who have several possibilities to study abroad in Cyprus.

Cyprus, officially the Republic of Cyprus, is an island country for great men in the eastern Mediterranean. It is the third largest and third most populous island in the Mediterranean base.

Higher education is available through European programmes such as ASEM, Erasmus Mundus, Marie Curie, Euromed, Eurydice, Euro 2020, Tempus and Life Long Learning. Application procedures are available from the respective websites of these programmes. The second option is to enroll full time in a higher institution.

Capital: Nicosia
Currency: Euro
Continent: Europe
Minority languages: Armenian; Cypriot Arabic
Official languages: Greek, Turkish

Cost of Living in Cyprus as an International Student

Cost of living as an international student in Cyprus is very low and affordable. The cost of living in Cyprus is between 300 Euros to 650 Euros per month. This will take care of expenses like food, books, accommodation, etc.

Tuition Fees in Cypriot Universities for International Students

Tuition fees for all international students wishing to study in Cyprus depend on the course and university one applies to. Depending on the degree type the tuition fees for international students goes up to 3500 Euros for undergraduate students.

Some specialized courses might go up to 7000 Euros. The tuition fees for masters degree ranges from 2000 to 2500 Euros.  The tuition fee of the Masters/PhD postgraduate programs ranges between 2000 and 2500 Euros with respect to the course of study.

Admission Process for International Students

Application requirements for international students who wish to enrol in one of the universities in Cyprus are determined by each higher institution. Detailed information can be obtained from the school’s website or Office of Admissions.

A residence permit is required from EU students who want to study abroad in Cyprus. It can be issued by the Migration Department in Nicosia.

When applying for the residence permit, international students have to prove they have paid their tuition fees for the semester, they can meet all the initial costs of living and have obtained local health insurance coverage.

In addition, they need a recent certificate of good conduct issued by the police from their country of origin.

Student visas can be obtained through the Migration Department in Nicosia or Embassy/ High Commission/ Consulate of the Republic of Cyprus in the international student’s home country.

Since the visa process time may take more than one month, international students should apply two to three months prior to the date of enrollment for study.

The student visa is issued for a specific higher institution, so remember to renew it if you decide to change university.

These must be uploaded to the university’s portal:

A copy of your student passport.
Passport size photographs.
A completed application form
Official copy of high school diploma
Official transcript of previous college/university records
Evidence of knowledge of English
Residence permit
Student visa (for non EU citizens)

Note: After your eligibility is certain, a notice would be sent to you.

International Students can pay their tuition fees via bank transfer or cash.

The student will be issued a Final Acceptance Letter only after the tuition fees have been paid. This will enable him process and obtain his Visa from the Turkish /Cyprus Embassy in his home country.

(Note: Citizens of those countries which can get entry visa from all Cyprus checkpoints / borders get a tourist visa (21 days to 4 months) on their own initiative and arrive in Cyprus. Later on, they complete processing of all necessary documents at the university, after which university assists them to get student visa).

Only after the issue of a Student Visa, the student will be given final admission to the course of his/her choice, provided a seat in that particular course is available at that point of time.

An International student will have to undergo a medical check up at his/her own cost. He/she will be required to submit a report of this medical examination/certification to the University. Final admission of International students is subject to medical check-up clearance.

Admission Requirements for International Students

For Undergraduate studies:

International passport
Secondary/High school certificate
Birth certificate
Proficiency in English (For English speaking students)
Medical check-up clearance

For Master’s studies

BSC degree
University transcripts (Supporting documents)
Medical check-up clearance.

Why Study in Cyprus?

The universities in Cyprus offer quality higher education, and the country has been taking measures to increase research, funding and interest in higher education.

The country provides internationally recognized degrees. Students do not need to show any English proficiency score for tests like TOEFL and IELTS. It offers affordable tuition fees and moderate living expenses. The visa process is also straightforward.

Cyprus provides excellent facilities for students that include cultural, social and sports activities. Moreover, there are a variety of clubs in Cyprus like technology clubs, science club, sports club, photography club, etc. that help student to explore their hobbies.

Low Tuition Universities/ Colleges in Cyprus


Eastern Mediterranean University

European University of Lefke


University of Cyprus

Cyprus University of Technology

Open University of Cyprus


European University Cyprus

Frederick University

University of Nicosia

Neapolis University

Cyprus International University

Near East University

Girne American University

University of Kyrenia

Colleges in Cyprus

American College

Atlantis College

Alexander College

Casa College

CDA college

City Unity College Nicosia

College of Tourism and Hotel Management

CTL Eurocollege

Cyprus Academy of Art

Cyprus Institute of Marketing

Cyprus International Institute of Management

Global College

InterNapa College

KES College

Larnaca College

Ledra College

Mesoyios College

MKC City College

PA College

Philips College

How to Apply

Please endeavor to visit your school of choice’s webpage for specific information on how to apply.

You can contact us via [email protected] Thanks for reading and best wishes!

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