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The Praise Of Heaven Christian Whatsapp Group Links

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After the angel of God had shown me the room of tears, he repeated the litany I heard so often throughout my visits to heaven: “Come and see the glory of your God!” The radiant, magnificent, celestial splendor of heaven overwhelmed me.

The blazes of glory that seemed to shoot from everything I saw filled me with awe. The beauty and bliss of that fair land cannot accurately be pictured by the mind’s eye unless a person has seen it for himself. At that moment, I thought of the words I once heard someone quote:
The light of heaven Is the face of Jesus.
The joy of heaven Is the presence of Jesus.
The harmony of heaven Is the praise of Jesus. The theme of heaven Is the work of Jesus.
The employment of heaven Is the service of Jesus.
The fullness of heaven Is Jesus Himself.

As I went with the angel, I could feel joy, peace, and happiness everywhere. My thoughts went to my family on earth, and it seemed the angel knew my thoughts. He said to me, “You have a mission to fulfill for God. You are to tell the people on earth what is up here. God is showing you some of heaven, but not all of it.

Come and see the glory of your God.” When we reached our destination, I could hear many, many voices singing praises to God.

The magnificent music of the worshippers of heaven thrilled my soul. Honor and glory echoed and reechoed across the wide expanse of heaven as seraphim and saints sang endless anthems of praise with exuberance……….

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