Corona virus end time signs

*Just a Virus and the whole Earth is on Panic!*
*Just a Virus and Businesses are shutting down..*
*Just a Virus and Citizens of nations cannot Move around the way they wish to..*
*Just a Virus, and the nations we look to as developed nations are being Threatened..*
*Just a Virus, Educational institutions are closed up..*
*Just a Virus and Religious sites are closed*
Just a virus, almost all public places are shut down in Italy(schools, church meeting places, clubs/entertainment centers etc).
*Just a Virus, and the world market is collapsing*
*If an Ordinary Virus could do all these, Imagine what will Be on this Earth, Once The JESUS Appears in the Sky…*
*O My GOD! Give Us Understanding to know what is about to Happen!*
*Give Us Understanding My LORD to know What is About to Happen!*
*Make use of this Season Brothers/
Sisters by Repenting from Sin and Accepting JESUS CHRIST..*
*The Door of Mercy is About to Be Closed* The Dispensation of Grace is going to an end, Time of Rapture, Tribulations is at the Corner….
*REPENT NOW*copied.

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