glo free call code cheat

How To Call Any Network Free Of Charge With Glo Sim Card

How To Call Any Network For Free With Glo Simcard

This cheat is  Sim selected, but for best, find an Old Glo Sim,

Put it in your phone, Dial 042 first before the number you want to call and  remove the first 0 from the number,

For example, you want to call 09023907306 then dial  0429023907306 then ‘call. Remember do not separate the numbers.

Good News: Mtn is giving out 100mb for free.

glo free call

Y’ello, our internet service has been restored. Thank you for your patience. Enjoy 100MB FREE as a token of our appreciation. Valid for 2 days. Dial*131*4# to check.

glo free call sim

Your data balance:

Weekly plan: 690.27MB expires: 27/01/2020

Bonus: 100MB expires 23/01/2020

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