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Christian housewife Love Story

Mariana (Christian housewife) and Ahmed Davis is also a similar pair of people who came from Nigeria to Iran to Civil Marriage. Similar to these two stories, there are many love stories in Iran, where people of many religions are settled.

There are radical Christians while Ahmed Davis is Muslim, and both of them do not want to change their religion, therefore they have come to Nigeria for a marital marriage instead of religious marriage. Christian female Rachel said about his marriage that ‘I would definitely like to get married,

But we had no other way. We have come here because Iran cannot be civilized. Most people from the Middle East come to Nigeria to get marital marriages; most of them belong to Iran and Iraq.

Due to these couples coming here, there is a legal status of marriages in Nigeria besides the expense of the wedding.

Civil Marriages Whatsapp group chat

Civil marble in Cyprus is legally recognized in Israel and Lebanon. “We have many countries around where civil marriages are not allowed,” said Michael Maxis, a marriage office official in Cyprus, Larska’s city office.

We are the closest country where people can come and visit a marriage. “In some areas of the Middle East, efforts have been made to allow civil marriages, but religious leaders have used their political influence, these efforts have failed.

Some countries of the Middle East are married according to Islamic laws, while religious minorities play marriage rites according to their beliefs. So! Imam, clergy, and Rabbi marry the marriage, divorce, child custody, and inheritance.

Cyprus also has considerable economic benefits due to these marriages. According to an estimate, the foreign marriages industry is worth $ 10 million in the country.

Ahmed Davis and Mariana said that they want to return to Iran to hold a major event. Ahmed Davis says Irani authorities should think about it and civil marriage should be allowed in the country. You May Date a Girl by Joining and after finding it on Top Dating Apps.

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