How To Love Your Girl Or Boy Friends

How To Love Your Girl or Boy Friends

Invite him to come over, kiss him,play with him, hug him, cook for him to eat, when he’s about leaving look him in the eyes tell him how much you love him then give him like 5k for transport, 1hour later call him to know if he’s home then surprise him with 1500 airtime. My sister you will not die.

Treat your man like a king the same way you want him to treat you like queen. Guys is the volume okay?


*How I wish we can write down these and paste them by our bed sides to memorize, and cross check our lives regularly!

*-To be rich, – Give.*
*-To succeed, – Serve.*
*-To laugh, – Make someone laugh.*
*-To prosper, – Be honest.*
*-To excel, – Be faithful.*
*-To go far, – Get up early.*
*-To change someone, – Change*
*-To be great, – Be disciplined,*
*-To be strong, – Pray often.*
*-To do a lot, – Speak little.*
*-To be fruitful, – Praise God.*
*-To live well, – Forgive.*
*-To talk well, – Bind anger.*
*-To sleep well, – Work hard.*
*-To be loved, – Love.*
*-To be a good husband, – Listen to her.*
*-To be a woman, – Submit yourself.*
*-To be respected, – Be polite.*
*-To bind Satan, – Sanctify yourself.*
*-To grow in faith, – Meditate on the word of God always.*

*None of these has ever failed!*
*Give it a trial, and see for yourself.

Forward this to any group or anyone you care for. And don’t be selfish.

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