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How To Share Android VPN Internet Data Connection Over Hotspot (No Rooting)

I remember back days of rooting Android phones, sharing VPN internet data connection over WiFi hotspot has been very easy without stress.
You can only download VPN tethering app, then grant it Root access and that’s all.

But now-adays Rooting of Android phones is the talk of the past, 😊 sharing vpn data connection over WiFi hotspot without root access is quite hard and frustrating. 😞

This is the most reason why I am making this post. You can actually share any VPN internet connection from your Android phone to any device like Android, Tablet or Laptop via hotspot without any stress or root access.

VPN connection can be inform of free browsing cheat, or just normal vpn connection. This post will be useful to those who uses VPN for free browsing cheat like:

  • HTTP Injector vpn
  • Your-Freedom VPN
  • Stark VPN
  • Psiphon VPN
  • Anonytun vpn
  • TLS Tunnel vpn
  • Netloop and other vpn apps used for free browsing cheat.

All these will be possible with the help of a VPN Tethering app called Every Proxy. This app doesn’t require root access, and very useful if you have a VPN connection on your Android device that you would like to share with another Android device or your PC. This is also useful to route your traffic through your Android devices and PC.

Every Proxy Features

The application handles the following protocols:

No root permissions are necessary.

Use your Android network connection from another device. This is useful if you have a VPN connection on your Android device that you would like to share. This is also useful to route your traffic through your Android device.

Work around network providers restrictions on tethering. Connect your hotspot as usual then proxy your http and https calls through Every Proxy.

The proxy will bind to the IP Address assigned to your Android device. If you would like to use a different IP Address please search, on your favorite search engine, for “android change ip address”. You can also bind the proxy server to “” through the settings, doing so will expose the proxy on all currently assigned IP Addresses.

Without saying too much, let’s get to the main topic of this post.

How To Share Android VPN data Connection Over Hotspot

Every Proxy is very easy to use and setup with just a click. The User Interface (UI) is very friendly too.

All you have to do is download Every Proxy Here. After installing the app, launch it and toggle on HTTP / HTTPS.

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A proxy host and port will be generated for you to use across the device you want to share your vpn connection with.

For Android users, kindly go to the WiFi settings and tap on the WiFi connection that you are connected to. Then click on Advance or Modify as it appears on your phone. Finally, tap on Proxy and change it to Manual. After that, add the IP and Port given to you by Every Proxy.

How To Add IP Proxy And Port On PC or desktop

1) If the connected device is a PC, then download UltraSurf for Windows here <

2) Launch the app

*tap on Option

*Proxy Settings

*tick Manual Proxy Settings and input the IP proxy and port given to you by Every Proxy.

*press Ok and go back.

3) Wait for it to automatically Connect. That’s all.

Alternatively, you can just search for Proxy in your Windows search bar and fill the boxes with the IP and Port given to you by Every Proxy. And make sure you set custom DNS on your PC. Kindly watch YouTube videos for the steps to set up DNS on PC.

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That’s all friends. Hope you find this post useful.
Any problem? Drop your comment below.

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