New Work Visa by the UK Government for International Students Announced

This great news for international students planning to study abroad. The British Government has announced that international students will be eligible to work in the UK after completing their education.

International students will be able to apply and work for any employer for 2 years without the need of the sponsor from the United Kingdom.

However current overseas students due to graduate next year from UK universities are not going to be benefited. Only students graduated after 2020 will be eligible to apply for the post-study work permit.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the change would see students “unlock their potential” and begin careers in the UK.

Comparing Post-Study Work Permit With USA, Australia and Canada

In the United States, there is a similar program called OPT which allows you to work after completing education in the USA. However, the problem in the USA is the H1B visa.

Trump administration is making it more difficult for foreign applications to change the Visa categories.

Canada and Australia also have similar post-study work programs, and some can lead to PR in these countries which eventually leads to pathways to citizenships.

UK’s post-study work visa will not lead to a pathway to PR. Candidates will have to find a sponsor and switch to a Tier 2 visa.

Change in the British Government’s Point of View

As UK universities struggling to get more international students, it is great move from previous Prime Minister Teresa May’s policies.

UK’s Home Secretary Priti Patel said:

The new Graduate Route will mean talented international students, whether in science and maths or technology and engineering, can study in the UK and then gain valuable work experience as they go on to build successful careers.

It demonstrates our global outlook and will ensure that we continue to attract the best and brightest.

Sir Dominic Asquith, British High Commissioner to India, said:

This is fantastic news for Indian students, who will now be able to spend more time in the UK after completing their degree, allowing them to gain further skills and experience.

The UK is home to some of the best higher education institutions in the world and continues to welcome international students. I’m delighted that the numbers of Indian students coming to study in the UK are constantly increasing, having doubled over the last three years. Last year alone we saw a massive 42% increase.

This exciting announcement will help ensure that the UK remains one of the best destinations for students across the world.”

Students Must Consider BREXIT

International students must also consider that BREXIT will impact a number of employments available in the United Kingdom.

If hard BREXIT happens then there will be a significant number of job loses and economy might not have enough jobs.

Probably this is why the UK Government has opened the post-study work path for international students who can bring more revenue.

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